Jack Walker is an intergalactic bounty hunter. Walker and his partner Frosty, travel through space and operate deadly missions.

Walker is a lethal weapon alone, but with Frosty they are an unstoppable duo.


Jack Walker can launch his left hand to surfaces to pull himself up to it and fly using magnetic force


Walker can put enemies down by sneaking up on them from behind and sending magnetic shock waves to their heads


When Walker's left hand is launched off, he can shoot laser beams out of his wrist... , right?


An ex military special agent of the human alliance. After the century wars with the galactic federation, he became a freelancer specialist. Specializing in, terminating...

Single Player Modes
Contracts: This mode is the campaign-like mode for single player. Different missions will be playable in different planets and some of them will require different skills, weapons and even different suits. By completing these missions you will earn credits and will be able to upgrade your weapons, suits and spaceship. Also, with the experience points you earn after each mission, you will also customise and upgrade your character's skills and attributes.

Survival: This is the wave shooter mode where you can test your skills in the maps, where enemies come in waves. You will choose the maps and the difficulty, and the types of enemies will differ according to the map.


A genius hacker and a maker. He can hack almost any system in the galaxy and he is Walker's partner in crime. He makes tools, weapons and systems. He can fly using his super Jet Boots and slow enemies down with his frost-gun.

Multiplayer Modes
Online Co-op - Contracts: This is like co-op campaign where the second player plays as Frosty, and together the 2 players go on missions. After completing these missions, players will earn XP and credits and they will upgrade their characters. Since there are 2 playable characters, they will earn XP and credits separately for each character. As you level up, new perks and weapons will be unlocked.

Online Survival: 2 VR players play as Jack Walker and Frosty, in a wave shooter survival mode.

Local Multiplayer: The main idea is; the second player will connect to the game from the same PC as the first (VR) player. The second player will play as Frosty.


Akira Nobunaga is an ex diplomat who has gone bad for power. He represents humanity in the Galactic Federation, but nobody knows his true intentions. He can levitate and form a plasma shield around him. He owns a high-tech device which enables him to control and alter elements.

As Jack Walker, you will fight against lots of powerful bosses like Akira Nobunaga. But not all of them will be humans... If you don't have a VR headset, that's okay. You can still play with VR users in online co-op modes, from your PC. You will control Frosty, and help your partner in VR to eliminate enemies and execute various missions.


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